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About Sophia’s Mission

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Sophia’s Mission is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered with the state of California. We provide financial assistance to help ensure that those in need have access to basic resources such as food, clothing and medical care.

Why We’re Here

We founded the mission in February 2020 for one single, lasting purpose: to share love and compassion, especially where it might sometimes seem beyond reach.

Our efforts are inspired by the memory of a beautiful young girl named Sophia who was diagnosed with a rare condition known as LMNA muscular dystrophy. She lost her battle with the disease just after her fifth birthday, but the light she brought to the world remains through those whose lives she touched. We are devoted to keeping it lit so that others might be moved by it as well.

Who We Are

Sophia’s Mission is staffed by unpaid volunteers with their own professional careers who share their skills for our charitable efforts and administration.

Volunteer Title Profession
Mina Girgis President Accounting (CPA)
Joseph Latif Vice President Accounting (CPA)
John Bakhit Secretary Law
Nader Shenouda Treasurer Banking/Finance
Andro Shenouda Director Biopharmaceutical Regulation
Hany Azer Director Banking/Finance
Nermine Bakhit Director Business Management


Sophia’s Story

The story of Sophia Justina and what we learned through her.

Sophia’s story is one about how a light can touch many people in a short time and continue to glow even after fate intervenes.

In July 2014, a sweet and happy girl was born into an ordinary family – but the story had actually begun several years earlier.

Shortly after getting married in 2005, John and Nermine Bakhit welcomed their first daughter, Angelina. For nearly five years, they thought Angelina would be their only child, but they later decided to try for a second.

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